Sample Environment: PLATYPUS

Neutron reflectometer
AC-1AC-1: AC Impedence Spectrometer, 10kohm -100MohmImpedence: 10kohm -100Mohm
CF-6CF-6: Cryocooler for Reflectometry/SANS, 5K - 300KBottom loader designed to fit into the electromagnet HM-3, can be used with EF-1; it has a manual sample rotation stageTemp Range: 5K - 300K
GD-1GD-1: Gas Delivery and Sorption/Desorption System, max. pressure 200 barHiden Isochema IMI-HTP volumetric/manometric system for in-situ sorption/desorption measurements Pressure: max 200 bar
GS-1GS-1: Dynamic Sampling Gas Spectrometer, 1-200 AMUHiden Gas Spectrometer HPR-20 100 mbar - 2 barPressure Range: 100 mbar - 2 bar
HM-3HM-3: 1T Electromagnet, B < 1T1 Tesla Bruker Electromagnet, can be used with cryocooler CF-6. Predominantly used on Platypus as a horizontal magnet. Can be used on Quokka, Bilby and Wombat (for polarisation experiments) as a vertical magnet.
LF-1LF-1: Langmuir Film BalanceNIMA Type 601
LF-2LF-2: Small Langmuir Film BalanceNIMA Model 301M
SC-3SC-3: Sealed Multiple Troughs, RT5 position liquid-air trough
SL-1SL-1: Solid-Liquid Cell (SL-1), RTVarious sizes
SP-1SP-1: Syringe pump, 0.73 µl/hr – 2.1 l/hrNE 1000 syringe pumpFlow: 0.73 l/hr 2.1 l/hr
TB-1Temperature bath (TB-1) Julabo LH 45 -50C to 200C-50C - 250C
TB-2Temperature bath (TB-2) Julabo LH 45 -50C to 200C-50C-250C
TB-3Temperature bath (TB-3) Julabo FP40 -20C to 120C-50C-250C
TB-4Temperature Bath (TB-4) Julabo FP50ME 5C-90C
TB-5Temperature Bath (TB-5) Julabo FP50HE 5C-90C
VD-1VD-1: Vapour Delivery System static/dynamic, RT-50 °CHiden Isochema XCS environmental system for in-situ static/dynamic vapour deliveryTemp Range: RT-50 C
DEC-1: Vacuum/Gas Chamber Temp range -20C to 150C For gas, vapour and vacuum experiments 100mm quartz windows
SL-2: Solid-Liquid Cells, RT
Local filling station for polarised 3HeUsed to transfer gas into analyser cell installed in instrument