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  1. Ahmed, R; Faisal, NH; Paradowska, AM; Fitzpatrick, ME and Khor, KA, Neutron diffraction residual strain measurements in nanostructured hydroxyapatite coatings for orthopaedic implants, J. Mech, Behav. Biomed. 4(8), 2043-2054 (2011) DOI
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  15. Callaghan, MD; Humphries, SR; Law, M; Ho, M; Yan, K and Yeung, WY, Specimen-size dependency and modelling of energy evolution during high-temperature low-cycle fatigue of pressure vessel steel, Scr. Mater. 65(4), 308-311 (2011) DOI
  16. Cavaye, H; Shaw, PE; Smith, ARG; Burn, PL; Gentle, IR; James, M; Lo, S-C and Meredith, P, Solid State Dendrimer Sensors: Effect of Dendrimer Dimensionality on Detection and Sequestration of 2,4-Dinitrotoluene, J. Phys. Chem. C 115 (37), 18366-18371 (2011) (from Platypus) DOI
  17. Chan, RTH; Garvey, CJ; Marçal, H; Russell, RA; Holden, PJ and Foster, LJR, Manipulation of Polyhydroxybutyrate Properties through Blending with Ethyl-Cellulose for a Composite Biomaterial, Int. J. Polym. Sci. 2011, Art. No. 651549 (2011) DOI
  18. Chan, RTH; Marçal, H; Russell, RA; Holden, PJ and Foster, LJR, Application of Polyethylene Glycol to Promote Cellular Biocompatibility of Polyhydroxybutyrate Films , Int. J. Polym. Sci., Art. No. 473045 (2011) DOI
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