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  1. Awin, LA; Kennedy, BJ and Avdeev, M, Structural and Magnetic Studies of Zn Doped LaRh(1-2x)Cu2xO3, Key Eng. Mat. 547, 173-180 (2013) (from Echidna) DOI
  2. Abrahams, BF; Maynard-Casely, HE; Robson, R and White, KF, Copper(II) coordination polymers of imdc- (H2imdc+ = the 1,3-bis(carboxymethyl)imidazolium cation): unusual sheet interpenetration and an unexpected single crystal-to-single crystal transformation, CrystEngComm 15(45), 9729-9737 (2013) DOI
  3. Ahmed, F; Choudhury, NR; Dutta, NK; Zannettino, A and Knott, R, Near Superhydrophobic Fibrous Scaffold for Endothelialization: Fabrication, Characterization and Cellular Activities, Biomacromolecules 14(11), 3850-3860 (2013) (from Small-Angle X-ray Scattering) DOI
  4. Alfaruq, DS; Aguirre, MH; Otal, EH; Populoh, S; Karvonen, L; Yoon, S; Lu, Y; Deng, G; Ebbinghaus, SG and Weidenkaff, A, Crystal growth and thermoelectric properties of CaMn0.98Nb0.02O3-delta, J. Cryst. Growth 377, 170-177 (2013) DOI
  5. An, T; Baikie, T; Wei, FX; Pramana, SS; Schreyer, MK; Piltz, RO; Shin, JF; Wei, J; Slater, PR and White, TJ, Crystallographic Correlations with Anisotropic Oxide Ion Conduction in Aluminum-Doped Neodymium Silicate Apatite Electrolytes, Chem. Mater. 25(7), 1109-1120 (2013) DOI
  6. Andriani, Y; Jack, KS; Gilbert, EP; Edwards, GA; Schiller, TL; Strounina, E; Osman, AF and Martin, DJ, Organization of mixed dimethyldioctadecylammonium and choline modifiers on the surface of synthetic hectorite, J. Colloid Interface Sci. 409, 72-79 (2013) (from Quokka) DOI
  7. Aravind, N; Sissons, M; Fellows, CM; Blazek, J and Gilbert, EP, Optimisation of resistant starch II and III levels in durum wheat pasta to reduce in vitro digestibility while maintaining processing and sensory characteristics, Food Chem. 136(2), 1100-1109 (2013) (from Small-Angle X-ray Scattering) DOI
  8. Auckett, JE; Studer, AJ; Pellegrini, E; Ollivier, J; Johnson, MR; Schober, H; Miiller, W and Ling, CD, Combined Experimental and Computational Study of Oxide Ion Conduction Dynamics in Sr2Fe2O5 Brownmillerite, Chem. Mater. 25(15), 3080-3087 (2013) (from Wombat) DOI
  9. Avdeev, M; Mohamed, Z; Ling, CD; Lu, J; Tamaru, M; Yamada, A and Barpanda, P, Magnetic Structures of NaFePO4 Maricite and Triphylite Polymorphs for Sodium-Ion Batteries, Inorg. Chem. 52(15), 8685-8693 (2013) (from Echidna) DOI
  10. Awin, L; Kennedy, BJ and Avdeev, M, Structural and magnetic studies of A site doped LaRh1-xCuxO3(A=Ca2+, Sr2+, Pb2+ and Bi3+), Ceram. Int 39(Supplement 1), S233-S237 (2013) (from Echidna) DOI
  11. Barpanda, P; Avdeev, M; Ling, CD; Lu, J and Yamada, A, Magnetic Structure and Properties of the Na2CoP2O7 Pyrophosphate Cathode for Sodium-Ion Batteries: A Supersuperexchange-Driven Non-Collinear Antiferromagnet, Inorg. Chem. 52(1), 395-401 (2013) (from Echidna) DOI
  12. Barpanda, P; Liu, G; Ling, CD; Tamaru, M; Avdeev, M; Chung, S-C; Yamada, Y and Yamada, A, Na2FeP2O7: A Safe Cathode for Rechargeable Sodium-ion Batteries, Chem. Mater. 25(17), 3480-3487 (2013) (from Computing Cluster) DOI
  13. Barpanda, P; Rousse, G; Ye, T; Ling, CD; Mohamed, Z; Klein, Y and Yamada, A, Neutron Diffraction Study of the Li-Ion Battery Cathode Li2FeP2O7, Inorg. Chem. 52(6), 3334-3341 (2013) DOI
  14. Barpanda, P; Ye, T; Avdeev, M; Chung, S-C and Yamada, A, A new polymorph of Na2MnP2O7 as a 3.6 V cathode material for sodium-ion batteries, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1(13), 4194-4197 (2013) (from Computing Cluster) DOI
  15. Bateman, JE; Dalgliesh, R; Duxbury, DM; Helsby, WI; Holt, SA; Kinane, CJ; Marsh, AS; Rhodes, NJ; Schooneveld, EM; Spill, EJ and Stephenson, R, The OSMOND detector, Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., Sect. A 698, 168-176 (2013) DOI
  16. Ben Yahia, H; Shikano, M; Kobayashi, H; Avdeev, M; Liu, S and Ling, CD, Synthesis and characterization of the crystal structure and magnetic properties of the hydroxyfluoride MnF2−x(OH)x (x~0.8), Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 15(31), 13061-13069 (2013) (from Echidna) DOI
  17. Bick, J-P; Honecker, D; Dobrich, F; Suzuki, K; Gilbert, EP; Frielinghaus, H; Kohlbrecher, J; Gavilano, J; Forgan, EM; Schweins, R; Lindner, P; Birringer, R and Michels, A, Magnetization reversal in Nd-Fe-B based nanocomposites as seen by magnetic small-angle neutron scattering, Appl. Phys. Lett. 102(2), Art. No. 022415 (2013) (from Quokka) DOI
  18. Bick, J-P; Suzuki, K; Gilbert, EP; Forgan, EM; Schweins, R; Lindner, P; Kubel, C and Michels, A, Exchange-stiffness constant of a Nd-Fe-B based nanocomposite determined by magnetic neutron scattering, Appl. Phys. Lett. 103(12), Art. No. 122402 (2013) (from Quokka) DOI
  19. Blanchard, PER; Liu, S; Kennedy, BJ; Ling, CD; Avdeev, M; Aitken, JB; Cowie, BCC and Tadich, A, Investigating the Local Structure of Lanthanoid Hafnates Ln2Hf2O7 via Diffraction and Spectroscopy, J. Phys. Chem. C 117(5), 2266-2273 (2013) (from Echidna) DOI
  20. Blanchard, PER; Liu, S; Kennedy, BJ; Ling, CD; Zhang, Z; Avdeev, M; Cowie, BCC; Thomsen, L and Jang, L-Y, Investigating the order-disorder phase transition in Nd2-xYxZr2O7via diffraction and spectroscopy, Dalton Trans. 42(41), 14875-14882 (2013) (from Echidna) DOI
  21. Borissenko, E; Goffinet, M; Bosak, A; Rovillain, P; Cazayous, M; Colson, D; Ghosez, P and Krisch, M, Lattice dynamics of multiferroic BiFeO3 studied by inelastic x-ray scattering, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 25(10), 102201 (2013) DOI
  22. Brand, HEA; Scarlett, NVY; Grey, IE; Knott, RB and Kirby, N, In situ SAXS studies of the formation of sodium jarosite, J. Synchrot. Radiat. 20, 626-634 (2013) DOI
  23. Brant, WR; Schmid, S; Du, GD; Gu, QF and Sharma, N, A simple electrochemical cell for in-situ fundamental structural analysis using synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction, J. Power Sources 244, 109-114 (2013) DOI
  24. Campbell, SJ; Hofmann, M; Mole, RA; Prokes, K; Wallacher, D and Wang, JL, Magnetic order in YbMn2Si2 - Neutron scattering investigation, J. Korean Phys. Soc. 63(3), 314-319 (2013) DOI
  25. Capelli, SC; Falvello, LR; Forcén-Vázquez, E; McIntyre, GJ; Palacio, F; Sanz, S and Tomás, M, Proton Cascade in a Molecular Solid: H/D Exchange on Mobile and Immobile Water, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 52(50), 13463-13467 (2013) DOI
  26. Chan, LY; Zhang, VM; Huang, YH; Waters, NC; Bansal, PS; Craik, DJ and Daly, NL, Cyclization of the Antimicrobial Peptide Gomesin with Native Chemical Ligation: Influences on Stability and Bioactivity, ChemBioChem 14(5), 617-624 (2013) DOI
  27. Chan, RTH; Marçal, H; Ahmed, T; Russell, RA; Holden, PJ and Foster, LJR, Poly(ethylene glycol)-modulated cellular biocompatibility of polyhydroxyalkanoate films, Polym. Int. 62(6), 884-892 (2013) DOI
  28. Chartarrayawadee, W; Moulton, S; Too, C; Kim, B; Yepuri, R; Romeo, T and Wallace, G, Facile synthesis of reduced graphene oxide/MWNTs nanocomposite supercapacitor materials tested as electrophoretically deposited films on glassy carbon electrodes, J. Appl. Electrochem. 43(9), 865-877 (2013) DOI
  29. Chesman, ASR; Duffy, NW; Peacock, S; Waddington, L; Webster, NAS and Jasieniak, JJ, Non-injection synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 nanocrystals using a binary precursor and ligand approach, RSC Adv. 3(4), 1017-1020 (2013) DOI
  30. Chesman, ASR; van Embden, J; Duffy, NW; Webster, NAS and Jasieniak, JJ, In Situ Formation of Reactive Sulfide Precursors in the One-Pot, Multigram Synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanocrystals, Cryst. Growth Des 13(4), 1712-1720 (2013) DOI
  31. Christensen, S; Avila, MA; Suekuni, K; Piltz, R; Takabatake, T and Christensen, M, Combined X-ray and neutron diffraction study of vacancies and disorder in the dimorphic clathrate Ba8Ga16Sn30 of type I and VIII, Dalton Trans. 42(41), 14766-14775 (2013) (from Koala) DOI
  32. Ciampi, S; James, M; Choudhury, MH; Darwish, NA and Gooding, JJ, The detailed characterization of electrochemically switchable molecular assemblies on silicon electrodes, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 15(24), 9879-9890 (2013) (from X-ray reflectometer) DOI
  33. Clark, SM; Jeon, KJ; Chen, JY and Yoo, CS, Few-layer graphene under high pressure: Raman and X-ray diffraction studies, Solid State Commun. 154, 15-18 (2013) DOI
  34. Clifton, LA; Skoda, MWA; Daulton, EL; Hughes, AV; Le Brun, AP; Lakey, JH and Holt, SA, Asymmetric phospholipid: lipopolysaccharide bilayers; a Gram-negative bacterial outer membrane mimic, J. R. Soc. Interface 10(89), 30810-30810 (2013) DOI
  35. Cottam, R; Luzin, V; Liu, Q; Wong, YC; Wang, J and Brandt, M, Investigation into Heat Treatment and Residual Stress in Laser Clad AA7075 Powder on AA7075 Substrate, Metallography, Microstructure, and Analysis 2(4), 205-212 (2013) (from Kowari) DOI
  36. Cuesta, A; De la Torre, AG; Losilla, ER; Peterson, VK; Rejmak, P; Ayuela, A; Frontera, C and Aranda, MAG, Structure, Atomistic Simulations, and Phase Transition of Stoichiometric Yeelimite, Chem. Mater. 25(9), 1680-1687 (2013) (from Echidna) DOI
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  42. Deng, G; Tsyrulin, N; Bourges, P; Lamago, D; Ronnow, H; Kenzelmann, M; Danilkin, S; Pomjakushina, E and Conder, K, Spin-gap evolution upon Ca doping in the spin-ladder series Sr(14-x)CaxCu24O41 studied by inelastic neutron scattering, Phys. Rev. B 88(1), Art. No. 14504 (2013) (from Taipan) DOI
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  46. Dunstan, MT; Blanc, F; Avdeev, M; McIntyre, GJ; Grey, CP and Ling, CD, Long-Range-Ordered Coexistence of 4-, 5-, and 6-Coordinate Niobium in the Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conductor γ-Ba4Nb2O9, Chem. Mater. 25(15), 3154-3161 (2013) DOI
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