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  1. Abdalla,J; Caise, A; Sindlinger, C; Tirfoin, R; Thompson, A; Edwards, A; Aldridge, S, Structural snapshots of concerted double E-H bond activation at a transition metal center, Nat. Chem. 9, 1256–1262 (2017) (from Koala) DOI
  2. Akers, PW; Dingley, AJ; Swift, S; Nelson, ARJ; Martin, J and McGillivray, DJ, Using Neutron Reflectometry to Characterize Antimicrobial Protein Surface Coatings, J. Phys. Chem. B 121(24), 5908-5916 (2017) (from Platypus, X-ray reflectometer) DOI
  3. Akita, K; Shibahara, M; Ikushima, K; Nishikawa, S; Furukawa, T; Suzuki, H; Harjo, S; Kawasaki, T; Luzin, V; , In-situ residual stress analysis during thermal cycle of a dissimilar weld joint using neutron diffraction and IEFEM, Quartely Journal of the Japan Welding Society 35(2), 112s-116s (2017) (from Kowari) DOI
  4. Alipooramirabad, H; Ghomashchi, R; Paradowska, A and Reid, M, Investigating the Effects of Mitigation Techniques on Residual Stress and Microstructure of HSLA Welds, Materials Research Proceedings 2, 563-568 (2017) (from Kowari) DOI
  5. Alipooramirabad, H; Paradowska, A; Ghomashchi, R and Reid, M, Investigating the effects of welding process on residual stresses, microstructure and mechanical properties in HSLA steel welds, Journal of Manufacturing Processes 28, 70-81 (2017) (from Kowari) DOI
  6. Alipooramirabad, H; Paradowska, A; Ghomashchi, R; Hoye, N and Reid, M, Experimental Investigation of Welding Stresses in MWIC Weldability Test, Materials Research Proceedings 2, 557-562 (2017) (from Kowari) DOI
  7. Alipooramirabad, H; Paradowska, A; Lavigne, O; Ghomashchi, R and Reid, M, In situ neutron diffraction measurement of strain relaxation in welds during heat treatment, Sci. Technol. Weld. Joi. 22(6), 484-495 (2017) (from Kowari) DOI
  8. Allioux, F-M; Garvey, CJ; Rehm, C; Tardy, BL; Dagastine, RR; Hodgson, PD; Kong, L and Dumée, LF, Insights into Free Volume Variations across Ion-Exchange Membranes upon Mixed Solvents Uptake by Small and Ultrasmall Angle Neutron Scattering, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9(10), 8704-8713 (2017) (from Kookaburra, Quokka) DOI
  9. Amiralian, N; Annamalai, PK; Garvey, CJ; Jiang, E; Memmott, P and Martin, DJ, High aspect ratio nanocellulose from an extremophile spinifex grass by controlled acid hydrolysis, Cellulose 24(9), 3753-3766 (2017) (from Small-Angle X-ray Scattering) DOI
  10. Andersson, J; Knobloch, JJ; Perkins, MV; Holt, SA and Köper, I, Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Anchorlipids for Tethered Bilayer Lipid Membranes, Langmuir 33(18), 4444-4451 (2017) (from Platypus) DOI
  11. Ao, L; Pham, A; Xiang, X; Klose, F; Li, S and Zu, X, Tunable electronic and magnetic properties of arsenene nanoribbons, RSC Adv. 7(19), Art. No. 1700573 (2017) DOI
  12. Aramaki, K; Iwata, C; Mata, J; Maehara, T; Aburano, D; Sakanishi, Y and Kitao, K, One-step formulation of nonionic surfactant bicelles (NSBs) by a double-tailed polyglycerol-type nonionic surfactant, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 19(35), 23802-23808 (2017) (from Quokka) DOI
  13. Asai, S; Oyama, T; Soda, M; Rule, K; Nawa, K; Hiroi, Z and Masuda, T, Powder neutron diffraction in one-dimensional frustrated chain compound NaCuMoO4(OD), JPCS 828(1), 012006 (2017) (from Taipan) DOI
  14. Auckett, JE and Ling, CD, A reinterpretation of the structural and magnetic properties of La1−xNaxSrMn2O5+δ (0.1 ≤ x ≤ 0.3), Mater. Chem. Phys. 186, 1-4 (2017) DOI
  15. Auckett, JE; Dharma, AD; Cagnes, MP; Darwish, TA; Abrahams, BF; Babarao, R; Hudson, TA; Robson, R; White, KF and Peterson, VK, Lattice response of the porous coordination framework Zn(hba) to guest adsorption, Powder Diffr. 32(S2), S49-S53 (2017) (from Wombat) DOI
  16. Baek, P; Aydemir, N; An, Y; Chan, EWC; Sokolova, A; Nelson, A; Mata, JP; McGillivray, D; Barker, D and Travas-Sejdic, J, Molecularly Engineered Intrinsically Healable and Stretchable Conducting Polymers, Chem. Mater. 20(29), 8850-8858 (2017) (from Bilby) DOI
  17. Barker, EC; Martin, AD; Garvey, CJ; Goh, CY; Jones, F; Mocerino, M; Skelton, BW; Ogden, MI and Becker, T, Thermal annealing behaviour and gel to crystal transition of a low molecular weight hydrogelator, Soft Matter 13(5), 1006-1011 (2017) (from Quokka) DOI
  18. Ben Yahia, H; Shikano, M; Avdeev, M and Belharouak, I, The novel stairs-like layered compound Co5(OH)6(H2O)2[SO3]2, Zeitschrift fuer Kristallographie 232(5), 349-356 (2017) (from Echidna) DOI
  19. Binns, J; McIntyre, GJ; Barreda-Argueso, JA; Gonzalez, J; Aguado, F; Rodriguez, F; Valiente, R and Parsons, S, Phase transition sequences in tetramethylammonium tetrachlorometallates by X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic measurements, Acta Crystallogr., Sect. B: Struct. Sci. 73(5), 844-855 (2017) DOI
  20. Booth, N; Davidson, G; Imperia, P; Lee, S; Stuart, B; Thomas, P; Komatsu, K; Yamane, R; Prescott, SW; Maynard-Casely, HE; Nelson, A and Rule, KC, Three impossible things before lunch - the task of a sample environment specialist, Journal of Neutron Research 19(1-2), 49-56 (2017) (from NDF - Biodeuteration, Platypus, Wombat) DOI
  21. Bremer, A; Kent, B; Hauß, T; Thalhammer, A; Yepuri, NR; Darwish, TA; Garvey, CJ; Bryant, G and Hincha, DK, Intrinsically Disordered Stress Protein COR15A Resides at the Membrane Surface during Dehydration, Biophys. J. 113(3), 572-579 (2017) (from NDF - Chemical Deuteration) DOI
  22. Bryant, SJ; Wood, K; Atkin, R and Warr, GG, Effect of protic ionic liquid nanostructure on phospholipid vesicle formation, Soft Matter 13(7), 1364-1370 (2017) (from Quokka) DOI
  23. Buchanan, C; Garvey, CJ; Perlmutter, P and Mechler, A, Co-assembly of helical β3-peptides: A self-assembled analogue of a statistical copolymer, Pure and Applied Chemistry 89(12), 1809-1816 (2017) DOI
  24. Burn, PL; McEwan, JA; Clulow, AJ; Wang, R; Nelson, A and Gentle, IR, 77-2: Invited Paper: Probing the Thermal Stability of OLEDs with Neutrons, SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers 48(1), 1129-1133 (2017) (from Platypus, X-ray reflectometer) DOI
  25. Cai, Q; Guo, Q; Liu, Y; Ma, Z; Li, H; Qiu, W; Patel, D; Jie, H; Kim, JH; Somer, M; Yanmaz, E; Devred, A; Luzin, V; Fatehmulla, A; Farooq, WA; Gajda, D; Bando, Y; Yamauchi, Y; Pradhan, S and Hossain, MSA, Doping-Induced Isotopic Mg11B2 Bulk Superconductor for Fusion Application, Energies 10, 3 (2017) DOI
  26. Caise, A; Abdalla, JAB; Tirfoin, R; Edwards, AJ and Aldridge, S, A Gallium Hydride as an Oxidizing Agent: Direct Synthesis of IrV Complexes via Ga−H Bond Activation, Chem.-Eur. J. 23(66), 16906-16913 (2017) (from Koala) DOI
  27. Callori, SJ; Chao, KH; Causer, GL; Nagy, B; Kiss, LF; Sulyok, A; Bottyán, L; Lin, KW and Klose, F, Fe/FeO/Fe/FeV Multilayers Characterized by Magnetometry and Polarized Neutron Reflectometry, IEEE Magnetics Letters 8, 1-5 (2017) (from Platypus, X-ray reflectometer) DOI
  28. Cao, Y; Deng, G; Beran, P; Feng, Z; Kang, B; Zhang, J; Guiblin, N; Dkhil, B; Ren, W and Cao, S, Nonlinear magnetoelectric effect in paraelectric state of Co4Nb2O9 single crystal, Sci Rep 7(1), Art. No. 14079 (2017) (from Wombat) DOI
  29. Causer, GL; Manna, PK; Chiu, CC; van Lierop, J; Ionescu, M; Lin, KW and Klose, F, Modifying exchange bias effects of Mn/NiFe bilayers by in-situ Ar+ bombardment, Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., Sect. B 409(Supplement C), 121-125 (2017) DOI
  30. Chen, G; Liss, KD; Auchterlonie, G; Tang, H and Cao, P, , Dehydrogenation and Sintering of TiH2: An In Situ Study, Metall. Mater. Trans. A 48(6), 2949-2959 (2017) (from Dingo, Wombat) DOI
  31. Chen, S-Q; Mikkelsen, D; Lopez-Sanchez, P; Wang, D; Martinez-Sanz, M; Gilbert, EP; Flanagan, BM and Gidley, MJ, Characterisation of bacterial cellulose from diverse Komagataeibacter strains and their application to construct plant cell wall analogues, Cellulose 24(3), 1211-1226 (2017) (from Quokka) DOI
  32. Chen, Y-T; Jena, A; Pang, WK; Peterson, VK; Sheu, H-S; Chang, H and Liu, R-S, Voltammetric Enhancement of Li-Ion Conduction in Al-Doped Li7–xLa3Zr2O12 Solid Electrolyte, J. Phys. Chem. C 121(29), 15565-15573 (2017) (from Echidna) DOI
  33. Cho, H; Kratochvílová, M; Sim, H; Choi, K-Y; Kim, CH; Paulsen, C; Avdeev, M; Peets, DC; Jo, Y; Lee, S; Noda, Y; Lawler, MJ and Park, J-G, Properties of spin-1/2 triangular-lattice antiferromagnets CuY2Ge2O8 and CuLa2Ge2O8, Phys. Rev. B 95(14), 144404 (2017) (from Echidna) DOI
  34. Christie, MP; Hu, S-H; Whitten, AE; Rehman, A; Jarrott, RJ; King, GJ; Collins, BM and Martin, JL, Revisiting interaction specificity reveals neuronal and adipocyte Munc18 membrane fusion regulatory proteins differ in their binding interactions with partner SNARE Syntaxins, PLOS ONE 12(10), e0187302 (2017) DOI
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  41. Davey, C; Saunders, D; Luzin, V; Bevitt, J; Webb, J; Donlon, J and Ionescu, M, A Non-Destructive Investigation of two Cypriot Bronze Age Knife Blades using Neutron Diffraction Residual Stress Analysis, Materials Research Proceedings 2, 515-520 (2017) (from Kowari) DOI
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  44. Dose, WM; Sharma, N; Pramudita, JC; Brand, HEA; Gonzalo, E and Rojo, T, Structure–Electrochemical Evolution of a Mn-Rich P2 Na2/3Fe0.2Mn0.8O2 Na-Ion Battery Cathode, Chem. Mater. 29(17), 7416-7423 (2017) DOI
  45. Drescher, S; Garamus, V; Garvey, C; Meister, A; Blume, A, Aggregation behaviour of a single-chain, phenylene-modified bolalipid and its miscibility with classical phospholipids, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 13, 995-1007 (2017) (from Quokka) DOI
  46. Du, W; Walker, D; Clark, SM; Li, X and Li, B, Microscopic strain in a grossular-pyrope solution anti-correlates with excess volume through local Mg-Ca cation arrangement, more strongly at high Ca/Mg ratio, Am. Mineral. 102(11), 2307-2316 (2017) DOI
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