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Questionnaire: Experiment Feedback

We are very interested in your feedback. Issues are distributed to responsible staff for a solution plan. User comments and solutions are entered into a database and summarised for ANSTO management, the User Group, other users, and the Australian Institute for Nuclear Science and Engineering (AINSE).

You may complete this questionnaire anonymously OR you can complete this form when you are logged in to the user portal. Otherwise, we may contact you for clarification when needed, and inform you of a solution plan where applicable.

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve our services for you and future users.

Note that this form will time out after an hour.

All numerical ratings are on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent).

1: Instrument Used
2: Days Allotted
3: Days Used
4: The administrative support I received prior to my visit was
5: The efficiency of the check-in procedure was
6: The training (general safety and instrument specific) I received in relation to the tasks I needed to perform was
7: The readiness of the instrument and related equipment was
8: The reactor/cold source reliability was
9: The instrument reliability was
10: The sample prep and support lab
11: The quality of the sample environment equipment I used was
12: Please specify the sample environment equipment used and any comments
13: The user-friendliness of the instrument(s) (including documentation) I used was
14: The time allowed for my experiment was
15: The facilities and training for immediate (quick-look) data reduction / analysis were
16: The arrangements for sending data home were
17: Had data acquisition been available over the network, would you have been able to perform this experiment remotely? What help would have been required? Would this mode of operation interest you?
18: What beam improvements or improvements to existing instruments, additions of new instruments, and/or sample environment equipment would you like to see at the OPAL reactor? How many experiments per year would you use them for?
19: What "creature comforts" would you like made available at ANSTO (shower facilities, hospitality, sleeping quarters, activities, etc.)
20: What housing / transportation would you like to see in the Lucas Heights area (availability, affordability, proximity, modem access to equipment, etc). Please be specific regarding needs, difficulties etc.
21: What was your length of stay?
22: What areas have improved since your last visit?
23: What areas have declined since your last visit?
24: Based on your overall experience at ANSTO, was your visit satisfactory? Would you return and/or recommend the facility to others? Why or why not?
25: Additional comments / feedback / extended responses to other questions